"Jamie is the perfect mix of encouraging, caring and non-judgemental. I felt safe from the first moments in her class. Jamie is so attentive to each of her students. She continually takes training to increase her already extensive repertoire."


"I started taking Jamie's anti-gravity classes nine months ago and it's one of the best health choices I've made. The deep benefits of muscle lengthening and deep tissue release has helped to improve my flexibility. The experience of inverting at the beginning of each class is my absolute favorite! At my last annual physical I grew a 1/2 inch taller! The quiet rocking in the hammock provides an overall sense of calm, security and well-being. Jamie is a natural teacher and a seasoned and expert instructor; I wholeheartedly recommend her!"


"I've been fortunate enough to work with Jamie in Antigravity fitness, Pilates and aerial yoga. The strength I felt after each session and cumulatively was absolutely confirmed after my ski trip in February. I hadn't skied in 2 years and, when I did ~ well I was never an expert, but the strength I gained through Antigravity Practice with Jamie afforded me the best, most satisfying ski experience ever, I felt strong and energized. Even my husband and daughter were impressed with how well I skied! I've worked out in different venues for years ~ Antigravity with Jamie has transformed my body and, at 55 years old, well anyone out there near or close to my age you know, the struggle is real!"


"Ferrara Fitness is the perfect workout! It completely stretches me out and strengthens my core...without injury! I'm 54 but anti-gravity fitness is good for all ages. I have so much more energy now. Jamie is a terrific teacher. I love Ferrara Fitness!"


"The antigravity fitness class at Ferrara Fitness Studio is unlike any other yoga class I have been to. While being suspended and using the hammock for balance, your joints and pressure points are not affected in the way they are in a regular yoga class. The class itself is small, which is wonderful if you want a girls day or a one on one session. Aside from stretching and being relaxed you can also get a great workout in! I would definitely recommend the antigravity class to anyone looking for a fun, new way to workout and relax"


"Thank you Jamie for an exhilarating antigravity fitness class on Saturday. It was amazing! We'll be back! I can't stop thinking and talking about how good I felt that evening and also the next day! Faith too. Beside the euphoria you mentioned , in which we both felt, I specifically noticed that evening in bed that my feet were nice and warm! I usually wear socks to bed because my feet are generally cold....and I feel that my reach, when stretching at the gym, has extended a bit..."


"Antigravity classes have become the best way I relieve stress.."

"The AntiGravity classes offered at Ferrara Fitness are new and innovative to the area. AntiGravity is different from yoga but has impacted me in similar ways. The classes at Ferrara Fitness have helped me with my balance and back pain. I would recommend them to anyone even those who just need to relieve stress"


"Just took a class. Fantastic"


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